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Roots/Juuret Exhibition

by Son of Martin
17.6.- 16.7. 2017 @ Granary, Fiskars Village, Fiskars

I am very excited to be part of the Roots/Juuret exhibition to launch our family design collective Son of Martin. Set in the magnificent Granary in the picturesque Fiskars Village in Finland, I join Anne Kosonen, Wilhelmiina Kosonen and my parents Helena and Lasse Kinnunen to show how we are inspired by the traditions of craft making that we inherited from our ancestors. In this exhibition of spatial design, furniture, objects and craft dialogues, each of us reflects on the craft traditions that shape our work in design and manufacturing.
My part in this exhibition is the launch of this platform - the Endangered Skill - where I discuss Craft Futures.

Furniture by Helena and Lasse Kinnunen (image: Leila Karvonen)
The Granary, Fiskars (image: H Kinnunen)
Helena and Lasse Kinnunen (image: H Kinnunen)
Roots/Juuret exhibition (image: H Kinnunen)
Anne Kosonen (image: Leila Karvonen)
Cabinets by Lasse Kinnunen (image: Leil…

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